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Community Partners: Organized Retail Crime Association of Idaho (ORCAID)

May 13, 2022

Boise PD’s Organized Retail Crime Unit is dedicated to stopping crime groups who travel state to state to steal expensive items and purchase thousands of dollars in gift cards with stolen credit card numbers. Losses from organized retail theft are a growing problem and can result in price hikes for paying customers. The statewide crime-fighting partnership called ORCAID (Organized Retail Crime Association of Idaho) creates a connection between local retailers and law enforcement so that detectives like Officer Ryan Thueson, can gather real-time information and investigate criminal activity impacting businesses. As the thieves go from one store to the next, investigators are able to track their movement and stop them in their tracks before they can take off to the next state. Earlier this year the unit was able to stop a group of suspects from leaving Idaho with more than $37,000 worth of iPads, iPhones, perfume, and other products stolen from local businesses.

Captain Matt Bryngelson sat down with Detective Thueson and Beau Lachance, a local retail employee and Retail Chair of the Organized Retail Crime Association of Idaho. They talked about how the “business” of organized retail crime works, the trends they see, and how to avoid becoming a victim. You’ll also learn more about the local, statewide, nationwide, and federal partnerships that are so important in stopping these thieves from continuing their crime streak.

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